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Wont be posting much art since school started


:iconchatsunited: :icontotal-dramarp: :iconbloody-evil:



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Sinai Glasgow
Le gasp its me !! D:

Hey guys :meow:


:star: :star: Ultimate Hetalia Stamp by oceanographergrl Kyouya Eyes by oceanographergrl Tamaki in Towel Stamp by oceanographergrl Pasta Monsters Stamp by Onslaught14 :star: :star:

Have fun looking at my shit xP

Page doll(s)

E.J - And to that I say (page doll) by SinaiTheFabCactus Lol I had to be the first to use it xD

fukin Crab-apple doesn't work ; 3 ;


Wip : feeling confident by SinaiTheFabCactus
Wip : feeling confident
hey guys, I'm back and better then ever, while I was gone and away from the computer I abused my time away and used it to study the facial expressions of humans and how their bones and anatomy works, like, physics and logic and all that hoolliebananza, and now that I am back I am putting that into practice by developing an old character into a new masterpiece MUHAHAHAHAHA !!! then I can improve my digital portfolio and get into NASCAD university **stacks hopes high**

anyways, this is what I have so far Intense Eyebrow Wiggle Sweg (Hitlerspimp)ChatIcon!  
Wip - Dave Strider by SinaiTheFabCactus
Wip - Dave Strider
lol heres a quick peekeyboo I gtg nyeh 

buh byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

dave is not mine so dunt sue me D: 
Kankri Background - Trigger warning by SinaiTheFabCactus
Kankri Background - Trigger warning
Chica's New Method (Chat Icon) Chica's New Method (Chat Icon) Chica's New Method (Chat Icon) 

#TW =

lol here is a free background you guys can download ;3 

theres not much to it. just the same drawn pic copied..pasted...color changed...

(The first drawn Kankri is on the bottom row, he is the first to the red c; )

Character (c) Andrew Hussie 
Art (c) SinaiTheFabCactus 

Hope you like it and stuff 

good night ; 3 
Kankri - Juvenile mistake by SinaiTheFabCactus
Kankri - Juvenile mistake
Kankri Floorhump Kankri Floorhump Kankri Floorhump 

lol hey, my tablet got dead ;3; so now I need to re-train my hand at drawing on the computer >:B 
aaand the whole glub glub about kankri not being karkat is a thing i used to think for the first forever after being introduced to homestuck 
in fact, I found out about homestuck with fan art and saw pictures of kankri as a little guy and different pictures of karkat who looked much older.
so instantly i was like "This is probably baby-kat" and just went with it for a whole two years before deciding to read homestuck despite my many warnings xD
blah blah blah talking talking story story, i then learned things, plot plot plot, I made this fine piece of ass c; 

Character (c) Andrew Hussie 
Art (c) SinaiTheFabCactus 

I hope you like it btw 

p.s : My pesterchum handle is flamingCrabapples or flamingCrabapples
(I have two because my pesterchum is a bitch and if I forget to abscond before exiting I have to either reset the compute or use my back up :B)
upon chatting with Sollux on pester chum I learned 

that mother fucker is the dirtiest bitch i have ever talked fuck it all FUCK IT ALL

my pester name is : flamingCrabapples 


Pixel Characters
~ Kaya - Pixel art - Original Character ~ by SinaiTheFabCactus
~ Kyoto - Pixel art - Fan Troll ~ by SinaiTheFabCactus
I am doing Pixel art of peoples characters, Full body, I will do any character, Fan or non fan 

I decided to up the price to twenty so I am not flooded with commissions and because each one takes about an hour or longer depending on the character, it is back breaking work sitting at the computer and drawing.

The tools I use to draw are, Paint tool SAI and my mouse, no tablet, nope, I'm too poor for that life xD 
Personal Zodiac Wallpaper
Cancer baby - wallpaper by SinaiTheFabCactus
Are you the type of person who adores personal wallpapers ? I know I am x3 
Do you like the idea of having your zodiac sign as a wallpaper to represent you ? 

well i am doing Personal Zodiac Wallpapers just note me if you want one !

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